We Need What Kind Of Educational Performance? ── Talk About After-school Tutoring And Remedial Teaching

We Need What Kind Of Educational Performance? ── Talk About After-school Tutoring And Remedial Teaching

To enhance the effectiveness of student learning, the Ministry of Education are being deliberated "National Middle School after-school tutoring Implementation Measures" provides that States may at times other than formal courses (during the school can not exceed 17:20, during winter and summer daily from 8 am to 12:00 principle) to handle teaching activities.

Similarly, in order to ensure that graduates of the learning ability, since the 103 academic year, the Ministry of Education began to implement national performance assessment schoolchildren fresh, express "the learning process performance assessment of the results of the study areas were less than passing reference, schools should implement remedial teaching and related remedies, "another provision" of the seven fields of study, "you have a minimum grade point average of C class above four areas, in order to receive their diplomas, otherwise, only their official certificate issued.

Remedial teaching and the make-up mechanism to ensure that new measures are "12-year state religion" quality of the implementation, in front of "the National Education Act" to amend the law has not been completed, eager to set the official "after-school tutoring implementation measures," the Ministry of Education would like to upgrade State religion overall quality of intentions, is not self-evident. However, recently there are allegations of teacher wrote to the Ministry of Education, "make-up" policy is too hasty, schools do not have time for "remedial teaching", so to beautify student achievement, as much as those in charge requires teachers to change students' raw scores directly, as if the scene shocked the United States The "Atlanta Public Schools cheating massive event." (Note 1)

Really can not underestimate the present case, must think, in the face of social atmosphere to the performance evaluation of education, the school should pursue what kind of performance? How much does the nature and mission of national education?

● fraud in violation of the essence of education

Starting from the relationship perhaps remedial teaching and make-up.

"National Education" aims to develop a national basic literacy, "remedial teaching" aims to enhance the effectiveness of low-achieving students, "make-up" is the ability of students and examines whether the target remedial teaching tests.

Quality words, the make-up department mechanisms in order to identify low-achieving students to enhance learning ability whether, if the country in order to prove the quality of graduates meet the standards, which in turn reduces the degree of make-up identification in order to improve the pass rate, there is a cart before the horse, as for beautification of school education performance, direct change requires teachers regarding student raw score, the more Dengerxiazhi, incredible.

These whimsical hearts of those in charge of perhaps want to improve their raw score, can be synchronized to reduce the number of students to participate in make-up, so that not only even "remedial teaching" in time are free, but also claims that the school's performance, can serve several purposes, why not?

However, changes to the original student achievement, might confuse beautify school performance, but can be used to prove the state religion of outstanding quality it? In fact, "make-up" should become even educational purposes, as normal teaching activities based, after-school tutoring, as supplemented by the concept of learning outcomes for poor students, education is the key to an effective remedy, to score behind Too many students, no remedial teaching "make-up" basically does not make sense.

● face serious educational problems

Those in charge of student achievement requires landscaping, reflecting the digital management, performance in command of the educational atmosphere, however, for a long time, Taiwan does not pursue school education enrollment is competitive and ranking? Talk about higher education system with performance rankings determine the allocation of resources, the high school to talk about the number of countries admitted to the school as a star running performance indicators, Ministry of Education, in response to all sectors of the high school vocational school quality manner, is not also a substantial increase in "high-school vocational certification "by a ratio?

Must ask is ascribed to star in high school graduation rates? After paragraph or improve students' basic knowledge and ability? Whichever is more in line with national education purposes? The so-called school's performance, should be based on the number of students entering the star of the school, or to make up for the posterior segment teach students as indicators of the effectiveness of teaching?

You really want to enhance the quality of education, the education sector should seriously face the student level drop, the face of the plight of schools and even remedial teaching can not find the time, and not try, even at the cost of fraud in order to reduce the number of students who can not receive their diplomas, and foreign claims 12 years later, the state religion of quality dramatically.

You really want to change society love to star in high school, so that parents believe that "the nearest school" is the right choice, the Ministry of Education should be recognized throughout high school vocational school conditions do have a gap, and actively improve the quality of the community's high school grades, and not to relax the standards, improve " high school vocational certification "pass rate.

The purpose of National Education that? School education should pursue what kind of performance? Perpetrators worth pondering.

● Performance and Back to abandon the state religion of nature

Do not have to self-deception, the overall quality of school education will not change student achievement and improve, "12-year state religion" policy, it will not hold high "education class," "individualized", "adaptive Yang only", "multiple access" , "Quality convergence" and other slogans to succeed.

Schools require teachers to change the face of rumors of student achievement, we should not secrecy, should face up to the school curriculum is too full, examination leaders still teaching, learning time is too long, low-achieving students abandon their studies and so on reality, only real performance doctrine cast aside, cast aside formalism, spurned follow fraud, serious face degree students fall back to ensure that the state religion is essentially the basic scholastic ability of students, school education it could really be changed.